View Full Version : stock pressure plate aftermarket disc?

E36 guy
12-05-2012, 11:00 PM
I am being forced to drive an old ass Subaru wagon while I fix my 240 :headslap: and it has 130k-ish miles, and im pretty sure its the stock clutch. So even though it has no power at all, the clutch is starting to slip.
It usually holds somewhat well but starting off is kinda hard, especially on hills or if im off-roading. It kinda struggles to grab well enough to get it moving on hills.

So basically my question is since i really dont care to put money into it, i just wanna get an aftermarket clutch disc for about $40 and just throw it in there with the stock pressure plate. Will this work? or is my pressure plate probably gone?

Im not gonna be drag racing it or anything, it only has 81hp. lol. I just want it to hold well enough for me to climb hills and jump it and stuff.

P.S. It is a 1986 subaru GL. I already have the part numbers for the clutch disc, and ive found out it has the same clutch as the 2002-2005 wrx's. So it will be cheaper to get an aftermarket one than a stock one.