View Full Version : grrrr... need fog light assistance... (o_O) sad but true

06-27-2012, 03:21 PM
Ok so i been asking around on a few bmw forum sites and literally no reaponse on this issue at hand. So i googled my question, still no fefinate answer... I have really nice fog lights on my 1998 bmw 318ti. Tue problem is there 1: is no fog switch 2: theyre not hooked up... Now there lies my problem i read that most 318ti are not prewired... How ever that the 97-98 sport model should be... So called bmw ran the vin and whaaaalah... I gotta sport model top of the line and all the options... Sooooooooooo WTF are the prewired connectors??? My trim package ahould have them but i cant find squat. Then read today that they was just kinda rolled up tucked and taped away for safe keeping... Any bmw folks here that may can point me in the right direction... Now before anyone says if ur missing the switch it prob did NOT come with them i already know that so let me add the switch filler plate where the switch is normally found is brand new. Looks as though just purchaced its not faded dirty or any thing like the other delete plates on the dash... Thanks in advance for all help

07-06-2012, 08:10 AM
on the 95 325 i had they were cliped behind the front bumper the metal on not the cover how ever mine where shot so i ran new wires an tucked them. so i would just run new wires
cause it would suck to wire in to those an it not work an then have to do it all over and it does suck cause i had to do it lol just an idea tho