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04-24-2012, 06:32 PM
I just picked up a 89 supra with a 2jzge-t swap with a filter, wideband, 3in exhaust, all necessary gauges and coil on plug. Car is running on 7psi with a t04 turbo(don't know specs), will not go higher due to the factory 7m electronics with fuel cut. I've worked on several 7m cars over the years and know a lexus afm, 650's, fp, afpr, safc and a fuel cut defender is what most did.

I've heard yoh can run the gte ecu with some repinning, map sensor, crank sensor, cam sensor and of course the ecu.

I've also heard you only need the map sensor, repinning and ecu.

Has anyone done this? I'm trying to stay away from a standalone. If need be i will just use the 7m basics to be able to up the boost and adjust fuel.

Goal is to onky hit 450rwhp. I will be ordering arp headstubs and a gte headgasket( or cometic) on top of the other parts.

Thanks for any help