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01-30-2012, 11:02 AM
Up for adoption is my 4 year old German Shepard Mix, Jasmine. I love her to death, but its looking like im going to be traveling for work this year and next about 80% of the time. I have really really wrestled with this decision, but i owe it to her to find a good home for her or try. SO here goes.

SHes approx 4 years old (estimated , she was originally a rescue, this is what the vet has told me)
Shes a sweet , loyal, playful dog. Has energy for days, but can sleep all day as well. She can jump 4-5 feet in the air (not a typo).

She is a VERY TEMPERAMENTAL dog with OTHER DOGS. I do not know what it is , but some dogs shes perfectly fine with, others, she will rip their heads off. SHe gets along great with my parents Collies, my roomates Rott, but i have seen her be absolutely vicious to other breeds. So if you have other dogs you need to be aware that you need to introduce them and be careful with them until shes comfortable.

NEVER HAS SHOWN AGGRESSION TO ANY HUMAN EVER. Ive never seen her show her teeth, bite, or show any acts of aggression toward any human whatsoever, even my 5 year old nephew who probably tends to annoy her from time to time.

Anyways, shes had all her shots, any other questions feel free to ask. Id prefer she went to someone that can afford to spend the necessary time with her, and love her like i do of course. Shes like my child, so its with a heavy heart i do this, but i know its best for her.


PS. She weighs approx 50lbs and is full grown

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How much for "adoption?" Later, QD.

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Damn, alright. Good luck, man.

Also, I'm tired of holding on to all these games, dude. I need to get with you to return them. I can't believe I still have them all, lolol. Later, QD.

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Good luck

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lovely dog, hope she goes to a good home.

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Im very interested! 404.966.0448. got a couple questions for ya! You can text if you like.

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I. Texted you

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jazzy phizzal

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Mike, PM'd

`since you didn't respond to my PM~

Pretty messed up to adopt a dog that I rescued from a broken home and left for death just to pass it off.