View Full Version : FS: Citrus Bearded dragon and supplies

01-02-2012, 10:22 AM
I have a young bearded dragon. He is about 2 months old, eating very well and super healthy. Please visit this site to view his parents: http://www.fireandicedragons.com/pricing.cfm (Father: Zeus; Mother Abby) As you can see he is going to be crazy looking. I am asking $250 for him + 20gal terrarium, small tree, one basking light with housing, food bowl and some misc stuff. Reason for selling is b/c I already have one and I bought this little guy on impulse. They are cool little pets. Do some research and you find out how easy and well mannered they are. Feel free to ask any questions, this little guy retails for over $400.


some funny vids: