View Full Version : Looking for help with my sleeper

02-20-2011, 01:55 AM
Looking to get some help with my build... Im in the lawrenceville, GA. area. I dont know anyone that knows anything about cars around here, except the mechanics that are trying to get rich off of me... I wanna build a one of a kind sleeper, with ALOT of engine mods aside from a complete ae86 swap, ITB's and the whole nine yards... I wont get on here claiming to know alot about engines, I learned what I know from trial and error, just sick of the error, besides I could use some friends that are into cars like me to hang out with also... Maybe teach me a couple hundred things while workin on my ride... I will provide the parts and stuff of course, and Im a pretty cool dude to hang with too, ECCENTRIC I would say... Anyway I work all week except for fridays and saturdays so any time during then is cool, sick of driving aimlessly in hopes to find something to do lol


P.S. I have BIG plans for my car, I plan to go further than most have attempted with my particular ride, I value speed and time more than looks, I want a clean look though, nothing showey or fancy (No bright colors at all) I respect and value performance more than anything else so... Thats what Im looking to get help with, moneys not an issue, but Im not rich lol :screwy:

02-21-2011, 03:33 PM