View Full Version : 95 grand am idle problems

600 Double R
11-09-2010, 08:42 PM
so i have a 95 grand am se with a newer 2.4l out of a 96-98 grand am in it. ive been having issues with the car idling really high and guzzling gas bad. i replaced the throttle position sensor and it calmed the idle down a bit but not much. i checked the idle air control valve it works and i do need to clean it more but it idles high when in park or neutral and in gear its normal. when it warms up and i come to a stop at a light it jerks and tries to shut off but doesnt. ive checked all over dozens of times for vacuum leaks and cant find any. im thinking its the iac. i do get a check engine light when the car gets warmed up some. it NEVER stalls or shuts off and never hesitates when im driving. just the idle is high and pulses up and down some. i cant check the code anywhere cause its a 95 and im not paying some local shop to check it. any ideas? ive done research alot and i can only guess its the iac i will unplug it tomorrow while the car is running to see what it does but any help would be appreciated!

11-10-2010, 09:44 AM
are you sure checked over for vac leaks. did you try it with a can of brake cleaner.? check the upper intake mani for cracks. and these motors are bad about the iacv clogging up and getting stuck, you might have to get a new one or take it off and clean it real well with some brake cleaner and, also i would take the tb off as well and clean it too.