View Full Version : Good Seeing everyone at Sonic

08-04-2009, 10:01 PM
Well, I saw some Old and new faces tonight. Its kinda kewl putting faces to Screen names LOL. But nice seeing everyone. I don't get to make it to many of theses. So when I do get to it is really exciting.

Nemo and 89foxbody, nice meeting you even tho we didn't talk. But I really wanted to meet yall. Since we have been debating so much lately. But yall seem like great guys and we like to chat in person one day.

DSGMach1, well Im proud of you man. U was really making alot of us jealous sitting there with your girl

Accordpride, well what can I said. I was goin to say H22 sucks. But you can't screw with the guy that goin to do your machine work

Hondatype636 and B16eg-hatch: Fuck you

Axon360, I will see you tomorrow at work

Shakes_Gt, Read line above

Motivation, nice seeing u. Didn't talk to ya to much

Bbat, Car really looking sharp with the door. I like it

I think thats everyone I shook hands with tonight. Except one Thats was Mike sitting wit nemo and 89foxbody. But Idk his IA name or even if he has one. Anywayz Nice seeing yall

08-05-2009, 09:25 PM
Well ya fuck you to buddy. You should come hang out more often.