View Full Version : walbro 255lph fuel pump install on EK

06-29-2009, 12:47 PM
ok anybody who whats to make more power knows that theres a cycle to follow. when you increase air intake and output you must increase fuel and spark delivery to match a more efficent burn. and thats for any type of setup. either turbo, supercharged, n/a, or NOS.. you can use your factory fuel pump if u want starve your engine and only put out about 160 Liters per hour of gas (LPH) now walbro makes the perfect upgrade for a inline pump that puts out 255 lph which can be regulated to however much u need for a proper flow rate. now most places charge over 150.00 for one sometimes more.. ebay has them for 89.00 and mine comes in today.. so as i remove my factory fuel pump and replace it with the walbro unit i will have pics and steps on to do so on my 99 civic hatch.. the same steps apply on any eg, ek, or dc.. so ima keep you posted as i party n bullshit..lol

yo Ant moonwalk for me cuz

Grimm Reeper
06-29-2009, 01:38 PM
lol moonwalk for ya I will if im drunkand know that no one has a camera pointed at me :lmfao: yo JuJu you seen my write up at the top didn't you