View Full Version : my Custom turbo kit for a DA.

04-30-2009, 04:57 PM
is foe sell..

if any of yawl DA guys want something to kick up your daily
here you go..

spools up stupid fast; & i mean retard stupid.. :screwy:
ZERO lag..

$1200 obo

for Non Ac/Ps apps
. t25 garrett turbo off a 300zx.4lb internal wg spring. w/ little to no shaft play
. custom t25 flanged Log mani
. all piping wraped in heat wrap
. 2 1/2 inch down pipe w/ o2 bung
. custom 3 inch glasspack
. 2 1/4 ic piping with 2 1/2 intake charge piping
. ebay IC
. loud XS power BOV
. obd1 DSM 450cc inj
. tapped oil pan
. all steel braided lines
. all oil fittings
. obd1 chipped ECU from pherable.net on 6 psi, launch control set at 5500 rpm
. all couplers
. boost guage