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11-15-2007, 09:11 AM
I went out this morning to head to work and I noticed my passenger door was open a little bit. Well I go peek in and see there is stuff thrown everywhere. I just got a bunch of stuff for my new job yesterday, mainly a bookbag full of stuff like tools, paperwork, keys, etc. Well, the tools are all dumped in my driver seat and the ONLY thing that is gone is the bookbag. They didnt take the GPS or the gobs of change, both in the center console, none of the tools in the trunk, not the boost gauge or anything, just the bookbag. Didnt mess with anything under the hood either.

Seeing as how the tools are in the driver seat, and the bookbag was in the backseat floor, Im thinking they might have been looking for any tools that would help them try to steal the car, thats why they are in the driver seat and not the backseat. I highly doubt they broke in with the intentions of just stealing a bookbag.

Just giving people around the Mall of GA/Buford area the heads up. It was probably some stupid kids on their way to the bus this morning or something, and forgot their bookbag, but you never know. Im just going to assume the worst, that way I can try to make sure it doesnt happen again.

Needless to say, the first thing on my list is an alarm. I dont want this to happen again, but with worse results.

11-15-2007, 10:07 AM
Well, I lied. The bookbag isnt the only thing missing in the car.

I got the title to this car on Monday, and I went on Tuesday to get it switched over and the tag office was closed for Veterans day, even though it was the day after. So I said okay my boss is cutting me a check Wednesday, Ill go Thursday and get it switched over.

Guess whats missing?............

One of the ****ers had the nerve to spit in the car, I saw we go all forensic files on their ass and get that swabbed and see who broke into my car. That way we can get one less douchebag off the street (for now).

11-15-2007, 11:11 AM
haha, how smart of him to spit in the car!!!
but then yea hope u find who did this shiet

11-15-2007, 11:48 AM
Yeah, of course GCPD didnt even care. They told me all I could do is file for a new title. They didnt want to file a police report saying that the car was broken into or anything. Hell it took them over an hour to call me back, they wouldnt even come out to my apartment, they did it over the phone.

Oh well, previous owner is applying for a new title so Ill have that pretty soon. Im gonna keep my eyes out on craigslist/ebay for someone trying to sell this car, claiming its there and claiming they have the title in hand.

I did this thread mainly as a heads up to people around my area, just keep an eye on your cars.

11-15-2007, 03:22 PM
wtf... that's sooo fcuked up. i hope you get that motha ****a, CSI FTMFW

LiL PaKi
11-15-2007, 04:11 PM
What kind of/brand name bookbag was it?

11-15-2007, 10:44 PM
IDK what kind of bookbag it was, I just got it yesterday. He said it was like some 10 dollar bag he got at target or something.

I took EVERYTHING out of my car and pushed all trash and stuff up under the seats, you look in and it looks completely empty. I dont think their work was done, I think something scared them off. Now that I think about it, I did get up and close my window about 5 AM this morning, and to do that I did have to open the blinds. The dome light was off when I got in tonight (didnt come on when I opened the door), so they obviously did it in the dark and turned it off while inside the car. Judging from the way things were thrown around, they pried open the passenger side door, went through the glove box searching for probably a key. Then when there was nothing there, went around the car, found the bag of tools, dumped it in the drivers seat and I think they planned on trying to jack the car all along. There was nothing inside the car that was of value that was in sight, so I dont see any other reason they would break into this Galant. I also think they live in this complex, because if they didnt Im sure they would have stolen the gate key that was sitting in the little compartment down by the radio.

I talked to a guy that lives behind me, he has an Integra, he is the owner of www.gategs.com. Real nice guy, and he said he has had trouble with people messing with his cars before. One night he pulled his tranny out of what used to be his DD, a supersonic blue pearl integra, and that same night someone tried to steal it. Someone has also keyed his red integra, which is a very very clean. I really like it. Needless to say he keeps that ***** locked up.

I dont know what to think of this. Im going out of town this weekend, and Im parking the car elsewhere, definitely not leaving it here. Im taking it somewhere where it will be safe, then when I get back on Sunday Im going to call the office about a Garage and see what they have. Im not some stupid kid who cant figure stuff out, I think I pretty much figured out what went on last night in that car, and that person better pray that I dont catch them back in my car or I swear to god Ill go ape ****.