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  3. How to paint Fogs. & etc
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  12. honda DX-Zc
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  15. rotor/break replacements, anyone have or know of where to find how toos?
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  17. Valve cover clean up
  18. WHEEL: Repaint,and polishing lips
  19. DIY: Can't Pass Emissions? Thank goodness for denatured alcohol...
  20. anyone have any DIY on Valve Covers?
  21. What can I do with a 1996 Audi A4 2.8?
  22. .:Easy Bitch Pin Removal:.
  23. DIY Center Caps
  24. Question about diy with camber kit for 99 civic
  25. HELP/? about raising adjustable coilovers
  26. EG Foglight install manual
  27. spoiler whole plugs
  28. what do i need to do this swap?
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  30. Polished up hazy headlights using Mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish
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  32. Body Kit Screens
  33. questions about wetsanding lights
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  35. Anybody have any thought about painting my interior?
  36. Quick and safe engine detail
  37. DIY: Stop having an ugly primer paint job.
  38. looking for timing belt write up for eclipse
  39. how hard
  40. LS VTEC help
  41. fabric glue
  42. Stainless Braided Clutch Line
  43. How to clean a window!
  44. Where to buy exhaust piping to build a manifold?
  45. Need help NISMO guys.
  46. rollin fenders
  47. Bent Rim Repair Suggestions?
  48. bad stalling 97accord
  49. probe gt boost leak
  50. Need help..
  51. hood designs??
  52. Easy anti-theft
  53. Integra Tan to Black
  54. How to vent your valve cover
  56. "clutch stop" ??
  57. doing your own car interior
  58. want to remove badges, worried about badge holes
  59. EG trans mount mod???
  60. wanted to now how to paint rims
  61. ? ABout Sanding
  62. Trying to find a Good Shop
  63. 97 acura integra rotor button removal
  64. i need my clutch repaired.
  65. swapping my integra interior into civic
  66. Plsatic Scuffed Up
  67. First SWAP
  68. painting car?
  69. i wanna drop my car
  70. Smoked headlights
  71. integra lip...
  72. Firing problem
  73. Anybody want to help install my coilovers PLEASE!
  74. Timing and Drive Belt
  75. Headlight Restoration Review (Crystal View) Pics inside
  76. diy/custom engine mounts and driveshafts
  77. do it yourself mx6 lip on EF civic
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  79. Install HID kit
  80. Carpet dye
  81. passat 1.8t throttle body adaptation
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  83. building the D!!!!
  84. Car just got a fresh paint
  85. Interest in an audio install write-up?
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  87. Tinted my taillights with model car window tint, turned out exactly the way i wanted
  88. Vinyl Stickers?
  89. Tail Light Tint
  90. ~~ EM2 cluster in a 99 EK project ~~
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  93. DIY: Head light restoration
  94. Z32 Tail Light Concept......
  95. DIY Rear cover for crx/extra transport
  96. BEST!! Way to polish my blades?????
  97. hid help
  98. Anybody work with diamond plate?
  99. pre cut tint?????
  100. How do you cut Springs?
  101. DIY on reupholstering seats???
  102. How To: 10.2in Rear Brake Upgrade on your Honda
  103. Where are the Liquid CO2 Fill Stations in Atlanta?
  104. VQ35de build
  105. shift linkage
  107. Always strapped...lol
  108. Missing Center Caps? This Worked For Me and Inexpensive
  109. Interior Light Fix
  110. Bye Bye Blindspot
  111. Maxima Header install
  112. ghetto fender mod - phone book pull
  113. Single TURBO LS1 Coil Pack Relocation (FC RX-7)
  114. need to make a throtle
  115. Polishing?????
  116. Best way to touch up paint chips?
  117. Alarm installers???
  118. diy k20z3 swap into ep3
  119. Stripping Clear Coat/Polishing GSR Blades- "Advice Needed"
  120. DIY swapping an AE92 4AGZE into a zenki AE86 GT-S.
  121. 92-95 Custom Gauge Faces and Heater Vector Templates
  122. Custom Armrest Upholstery
  123. DIY>> FREE fender rolling for dummies!!! step-by-step guide o so many steps
  124. sanding and polishing rims
  125. quik questions about my fogs
  126. Cleaning a transmission
  127. need help polishing hasports
  128. 00 acura integra 5 speed swap
  129. wire tucking / getting ready for paint
  130. golden eagle ls/vtec question?
  131. crankshaft question?
  132. 3m dinoc carbon fiber wrap installation......
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  134. Integra Side Markers
  135. Tg welding help? I suppose this is the right place.
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  137. rear tow hook install.. super easy...
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  139. Nissan 240sx differential install
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  144. Nissan 240sx differential install
  145. Powder coat
  146. DC homemade Comptech box
  147. B-series COP
  148. Tuneup on 94 civic with a B16 engine.
  149. Coffee table out a scrap block.
  150. has anyone done this? to slam your car
  152. How To: Drill Helmet for HANS and Mount Anchors
  153. help with 2002 rsx fog lights
  154. Brake pad change on the X
  155. Wheel Cleaner
  156. can anybody identify this color? color code?
  157. Diy Ek Hatch Ctr Wing Tilt
  158. Shift light
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  160. Article: Coffee table out a scrap block.
  162. My DIY blog
  163. DA disk conversion on EK coupe will it work?
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